Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Experience with Blogging

In my point of view this is the best invention for the internet, blogging that is. Blogs are used for online thoughts and feelings, freedom of speech, and to connect with people from all over the world. They are also used to stay up to date with the media, the pop stars and what’s going on in the world. Blogging was really fun, but I rather blog on my own time, and what I mean by that is, I felt like we as the English 109.02 class, were somewhat forced to write blogs; it was a requirement. Although Blogging is an online place to free yourself, people should watch what they say and do on there just for the sake of their identity.

When I was introduced to this blogger site, I didn’t know what to write about because I hate writing when I’m asked to do so. Because I only thought about my identity, form of security, I didn’t want to do the assignment and wasn’t going to do it.

Reading new and old blogs I came across some guy, zx6rider, who talked about his baby being on the way. We had some things in common and I really like his choice of words and one thing he said in his blogging experience stood out, “When people comment on my post it gives me the feeling that they are understanding what I'm going through and give me advice.” When I stopped at this statement I knew exactly how he felt because I learned to let go of my fears and open up to the internet.

My experience with blogging was really fun and I learned a lot during these last couple of quarters about it. When we started blogging in English 109.01 I was comfortable with writing personal things on the internet because it wasn’t me, it was some made up person on MySpace I created. Because I had to be myself on Blogger, I was so uncomfortable and it was like I was always forced to write my personal thoughts.

The whole blogging was very exciting because I was anxious to see what my peers would write about every week; however I didn’t want anyone seeing mine. I later learned to have fun with blogging and it really wasn’t a big deal as I made it seem. Blogging is very fun and experimental; you learn to trust the internet and the people who are going to be reading your personal thoughts.

Coming up with a topic was a bit of a struggle for me because I wanted to talk about everything. I wanted to talk about being a college student, having a miscarriage, and my friends, but they all seemed to easy to talk about and I eventually found out that those were some of the similar topics my peers were talking about. Well I narrowed it all down to one, Bad Relationships!

Talking about bad relationships came to me easy like a well trained pup goes to his owner. Going through and seeing a lot of hurtful relationships, I wanted to tell my story and help others who were afraid to tell about going through the same experience as I was. Keeping and update on this guy named John Shore was deep and heart touching because I would never think of a guy being able to understand the pain women endure by the abusive spouses. “In their heart of hearts, many women believe that initiating and securing a permanent separation from their former Mr. Right means irrevocably transmogrifying from the Selfless Conciliator they’ve always been,”…etc. This is a quote from John Shore. Looking back at all the work I accomplished in English 109.01 and 109.02, I can truly say I am a blogger now! Enjoying everything we did as an class with the commenting, coming up with new post, giving advice and getting to know one another more has been really fun, also I am going to continue to blog on blogger, hope o hear from you guys in the future on here chow.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

My experience on guest blogging...

Well writing a blog for someone else was really fun and I got the opportunity to fill someone else shoes for a little minute. It really didnt feel different to me at all because I somewhat understood what she wrote her blog on.

As a person who likes to write, especially over things I like to write about, it was very easy for me to act as Heather in her blogs because I can write about dancing, but the only thing that was different was our writing. It was hard for me because I seriously dont know how to write in noone else style or language.

In my English class last quarter we did something similar like this. We had to make up characters on MySpace and my characters name was Celeste, it was difficult writing for her because we were opposition and I always wanted to write in my style when writing for her.I can truly say that was really hard for me.

This was fun and again it really wasnt different to me because it was just like writing in my own style.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guest Blogging Experiment

This time, picture yourself in a good relationship. Close your eyes and imagine that one person who always brings a smile to your face. You can't have a bad time with them no matter what you are doing. You're always on each others mind and you can't wait till the next time you see them. Could this ever be you? Once again, "never say never." I believe there is someone like this for everyone. I believe if you are patient enough, you can find this person. It is all just a matter of time and patience. Once again, I haven't got much to say. I know that with time, I will find the right person. I'm not in a hurry. I know that that person will come someday. And when that day comes, it will be a happy day.