Friday, March 13, 2009

My experience on guest blogging...

Well writing a blog for someone else was really fun and I got the opportunity to fill someone else shoes for a little minute. It really didnt feel different to me at all because I somewhat understood what she wrote her blog on.

As a person who likes to write, especially over things I like to write about, it was very easy for me to act as Heather in her blogs because I can write about dancing, but the only thing that was different was our writing. It was hard for me because I seriously dont know how to write in noone else style or language.

In my English class last quarter we did something similar like this. We had to make up characters on MySpace and my characters name was Celeste, it was difficult writing for her because we were opposition and I always wanted to write in my style when writing for her.I can truly say that was really hard for me.

This was fun and again it really wasnt different to me because it was just like writing in my own style.


  1. okay Ashley, i got you on this one because you know we had a great time doing this. i had the guest blog about being an OSU student. okay all i really did was tell my life as an OSU student and how much fun i be having a college student..

  2. Hey Ashley, I think you did very good writing a post for my topic! It can be hard to write for someone else's blog, but in the end it all turned out fine!