Friday, January 23, 2009

Relationships between friends...

My friends Leanne, Carmella, Jalisa, and Dottie are my inspirations. Sometimes I sit and wonder how I became best friends with these crazy girls. They are the true definition of friends and I’m glad they’re in my life.

When things aren’t right in my life, Jalisa is the one who I talk to about what’s going on. She understands where I come from and she listens to what I have to say. Jalisa is like a sister I never had, she doesn’t judge me either. When we met back in high school we was cool, but we didn’t start hanging out and getting real tight until we got in the 11th grade. We bonded like we known each other for ages. She is the friend one wishes to have in their lives.

My friend Leanne keeps me laughing; she is really funny and crazy. She is the friend I been longing for in my life because I used to be uptight and took things serious all the time. When I’m around Leanne she makes me forget about all the troubles going on in my life and I feel free with her. I can always go to her and get a good laugh when I’m down and out because she knows how to make a person be happy. When I got into an argument with my boyfriend in the past I thought about Leanne because I knew she wasn’t going to let me down, she had me splitting my sides because I was laughing so hard. After talking to her I noticed that I wasn’t thinking about him or that stupid argument we had.

Dottie is my big sister I never had. She is quite around people, but behind closed doors she is really goofy. Dottie and I met in high school like everyone else, but we started hanging out in 11th grade. She is similar to Leanne she keeps me laughing and she is something like a leader to me. If it wasn’t for her talking about staying in school, I wouldn’t have continued my next quarter at OSU-Newark because I was going to drop out.

Carmella is like my second little sister and she is also quite around people, but behind closed doors she is really funny. She is special to me because we both had a similar situation and when I talked to her about it she understood me and that made me feel good.

All of these girls are special to me, they are my sisters and they are my best friends. Our relationship between each other is tight and strong!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Love is like Lust

Relationships are hard to handle especially when your young and a female. When someone doesn’t know what their doing in a relationship its easy to loose your partner because your partner can easily be distracted by someone else. Relationships today are based on lust and just that, no getting to know one another before jumping into a relationship with a person. Love is funny because its a lot like lust and sometimes you can lust someone and think your in love.

Take it from me, awhile ago there was this guy I was seeing and all he wanted to do was have sex, instead of getting to know him better I did just what he wanted. He always told me how much I looked good and how much he wanted to get in my pants. Being young, dumb, and falling for his stupid lines I feel in love without knowing what love really means. Truly, I believed I loved him but after going through pain, hurt and having no trust in that relationship it finally occurred to me that what we had wasn’t love at all, but what we did have was lust.

Coming from a harsh relationship like that and being a young female I can honestly say I have much experience as an older woman. Seeing young girls being in relationships like that always remind me of the ones I been through and it hurt me because I know what they are going through. Assuming that no ones cares for them and thinking their boyfriend is the only one who truly does because they put little buds in their ear to make them feel good, I cant understand why girls want to be treated like that.

A couple of my friends where in and are in the same position I was in and they come to me with their problems. Coming from past experience, I shared my details and told them what I did to make sure I was suppose to be in that relationship.

To rap it all up and to make my point, Love is a lot like Lust. If your coming out of a relationship, don’t rush into another wait until you think your ready, if the person cant wait then they don’t need to be with you. Don’t base your relationship on sex because it will not turn out right, be respectful of yourself and who you are and if the person cant understand then they don’t understand you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ashley Calloway is my name and I attend The Ohio State University of Newark. In my English class we are to create blogs and talk about a specific subject over the next ten weeks. In my blog I plan on talking about giving good advice on relationships. Relating to many different relationships I have a lot of experience and wish to share with people on here. Each week there will be interesting thoughts and sayings that I hope will draw people in.

Have you ever had relationship problems with your boy/girl friend, family and friends? Do you wish there was something you could do to make it better? Well, I’m the person to give you the advice on how to better your relationship. Also I can take you through steps to better yourself so you can better your relationships.

Going through rough relationships myself, I have a lot of experience on many types; having problems with my siblings, my friends and the most important of all to me, boyfriends. Giving advice has been truly a blessing for me because it’s just something I was placed on this earth to do. As a child my friends would always come to me when they were in trouble and ask what should they do the next time around so they wouldn’t be in the same position as they were in now. My grandmother says she always seen something special in me because she said I would always try to help people out with my advice.

For the next ten weeks, I shall shower you guys with my advice on relationships. If there is something you just can’t understand I plan on helping you with your problems.