Friday, February 20, 2009

~!*A Follow Up On John Shore*!~

In my blog I will tell you a little about a guy named John Shore; he is an editor, a writer and a author. In his blog he talks about why women stay in bad relationships and how women should get out of a bad relationship. Also he talks about how women blam Eve for all their curses because most women do believe Eve is the reason why women go through so much drama in life. Shore wrote a whole book on Eve and why women thinks she cursed them and its called: Women In Bad Relationships: Eve's Curse Isn't Yours.

He goes on to say how men want to be in control and in power, "And men crave power so much that they'll take it in virtually any form they can get it. And they won't give up an iota of their power that they don't absolutely have to...etc" Isn't this a sign ladies??? Have you ever been through or seen something like this happen and couldn't help but notice that this is very much truly? I mean women do this too, but every so ofthen. As women we are the most important human being because without us who can men depend on? How can they make babies without us?

The way this man speaks is stupendous! I've learned quite a lot from this guy in over a matter of days you guys! He has a way with his words and he breaks them down so we as the readers can understand where he's coming from, and how he interprets it.

I've longed to find someone who can understand my pain, hurt and stress that I went through with my previous relationship because it seemed like any one who I talked to about it didn't really understand how I felt. That's why I want to talk about bad relationships in my blogs because I want to get through to someone else just as someone got through me and I would like to ask you guys to go to his pasge and check it out because he really gives great advice on bad relationships. If you could vist:


  1. i don't believe it is eve's fault i believe that it is just women in general's fault sometimes women do things and look for someone to blame what is wrong with you girls...guys are cool girls drool

  2. wow. who thought a guy would understand more than a woman? i thought that sounded interesting. i'll have to go take a look at his page. congrats on finding something tht helps!

  3. Thanx Ethan
    And to you, Mr. Haven, I wasn't really agreeing with the guy I just thought he made a good point to be coming from a guys point of view.