Friday, February 27, 2009

Open thought's

Just picture yourself in a bad relationship or maybe picture youself as the abuser...Go into deep thought and express your feelings as you hit your partner or as your partner hits you, think about not just the physical abuse, but the verbal abuse also. Would you want to go through the pain, stress, and daily beatings?

Could this ever be you? You know the saying "never say never," well dont ever say never because I used to say "I'll never let someone treat me like that," lol no one can predict the future, but one sure can pick the person they want to be with for the rest of their life.

Even though I let my ex-boyfriend go, I still think of him a lot because there were some good times we had, but I rather do bad all by myself than to let someone look down upon me just to build their ego up.

Well I haven't got much to say today and I certainly want to get through someone's if their going through the same thing as me, just read my lastest blogs and read what I had to say and also make sure you check out the blog I plan on following for the next couple of weeks. John Shore is a very important man to me now because I am taking very good pointers from him and you should too!

Chow for now, Lil' Bit


  1. I don't ever want to get in a bad relationship like that forever. It can lead to a lot of mental abuse also.

  2. I think this was a good post. I like that you got away from him. I know some people that have been in relationships and i use to say that i would never be ina relationship like that but you never know somethings change the person that you are with and they change and they can become more aggressive. The longer you stay with them the longer youare willing to take the beatings. Great blog