Friday, February 13, 2009

The Top 4 Reasons For a Wonderful Relationship

  1. Respect- When your in a relationship, it's supposed to be about trust, loving one another and the big key factor of all is respect. If you dont respect yourself, how in the world do you expect someone else to repsect you? Think about it.
  2. Trust- Ah, who can you trust now days? Basically, no one in my opinion you have to gain trust. When going into a relationship, whether its with friends, girls, or guys one has to work on gaining someones trust and keeping it there throughout the whole relationship.
  3. Fun- Who doesn't want to have fun in a relationship? One thing a couple should always do, have FUN! It'll make the relationship way better and you'll be closer to your significate other.
  4. Talking- This is one thing my ex-boyfriend did not want to do. I couldnt talked to him about nothing because he would always criticize me and tell me to stop talking to him about stupid things. As young people we go through a lot right, and we need someone to talk to. With him I stop talking to him about my personal life because I found out he would go back and tell others about my most secretive talks with him. I then realized we had no kind of trust in this relationship and without trust you have nothing.


  1. I agree that in order to have a healthy relationship you must respect yourself, trust your partner, maintain open lines of communication, and have fun together.

    What do you think makes for good communication in a relationship?

  2. Well I think communication in relationships is very important because how can one be in a relationship with no communication? Being able to talk to your partner and telling your partner about any and everything is one of many good communicating skills in a relationship. Also I think people has to have good communicating skills inorder to be in a relationship, if not therefore it's no point of being in a relationship at all.